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The most magical place to visit in winter

If you are looking for a fairy tale on Earth Val d’Isere is definitely the right place!

A ski resort in the French Alps is a quintessence of winter magic and beauty of nature.

Like many other ski resorts in French Alps, Val d’Isere is pricey. However, it’s absolutely worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Even if you don’t ski there are plenty of things to enjoy like walks in picturesque ancient village or the power of mountains around you.

I’ve been to Val d’Isere once and stayed there just 3 days but the memories about this place are still very strong and make me want to go back every time winter is approaching.

And what is last but not least, if you’re not a professional skier and stood on skis no more than once in the childhood (like me) Val d’Isere will make you learn how to ski very quickly as you won’t be able to resist observing that beauty from the top of the mountains!

Love, N
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